Authors: Barbora Baronová, Dita Pepe


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 The Most Beautiful Czech Books of 2012 (3rd place in the Belles-Lettres category)


 Honorable Mention at the Art Books Wanted Intl. Award (2012) 


The book Slečny is comprised of eight literary adaptations of open confessions of unmarried women in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia, ranging from 1920’s to the present. The Project describes the specific role of women in the context of modern history. The piece of work aims to offer a view of an interesting sociological phenomenon that becomes, more or less, an important indicator of the value of human life due to social, political, economic, religious, social and other variables. The resulting book is a combination of documentary work, journalism, sociological research, creative writing, historical, political and economic reflections, gender subjects, art and photographs. Czech only.


  • Book design: Milan Nedvěd
  • Photo collaboration: Petr Hrubeš
  • Publishing collaboration: Lukáš Hvozdecký
  • Editing and proofreading: Kateřina Kadlecová, Pavla Nejedlá
  • Printer: Těšínská tiskárna
  • Hand-crafted work: Daruma Praha